Hello! I'm TJ

I am the creator, designer and lead instructor for HELP,  a guided English language immersion community. At HELP, we are a community and not a school. Language is not an academic subject, but rather it is a skill that must be practiced. This community maximizes practice time with a foundational AI Interactive software program called NEO+, coupled with conversation and coaching sessions, learners can advance 1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) in 3 months or less.

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Thomas J. Fortunato

English Language Coach & Entrepreneur





23819 Hamptonshire Lane

Katy, Texas 77494

Date of Birth:

July 07, 1967




Home English Language Practice(HELP)

Founder and Coach

This program is still in its foundational stages. As I complete a masters in Educational Business Administration, I coach and interact with learners around the world through Zoom meetings. We focus on expansion of NEO+ curriculum coupled with advanced idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs and colloquial language. learners get experience with multiple accents and intonations to perfect their listening skills. 


English language Instructor

Spartan Aviation (Iraq)

I taught Basic English communication to Iraqi Air Force Pilots and Maintainers utilizing a communicative language learning program powered by DynEd, an advanced AI interactive software program. Classes were taught in a communicative way utilizing DynEd based subject matter. 


Lead English language Instructor


I Lead 5 instructors implementing an interactive software-based curriculum powered by DynEd for Qatar Air Force AH-64 Apache maintainers in preparation for Defense Language Institute Training in USA. I wrote and implemented training policies and procedures while advising on the setup of a company based LMS that tracks student progress and develops reports to track progress. I cut on-boarding and transport costs by recommending new employees be housed in serviced apartments rather than hotel rooms and chauffeured them to work. I liaised with commanders of the Apache committee and training division to maintain discipline and keep students focused on their goals.


Worldwide English Language Programs

 English language Instructor



I taught the English language to numerous levels of students from as young as Kindergarten age to adults in the Military. I taught in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ghana


Master's Degree

American College of Education

The M. Ed in Educational Business Administration program (Entrepreneurial track) was designed for those who want to develop business and leadership skills in an educational setting. The program prepares strategic leaders for senior administrative positions in a variety of settings including public, charter, and private schools, as well as community colleges and other educational institutions or learning organizations. 


Master's Degree

California Coast University

The M. Ed program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to provide the theories, principles, and practices to educational professionals interested in curriculum and instruction.


Bachelor's Degree

College of Wooster

The Bachelor of Arts Studio Art  students develop a focused understanding of the visual arts, past and present. They learn to think imaginatively, analytically, and critically about both the art they create and the visual traditions that inform our world.



Microsoft Office Documents - Proficient

AI Language Software - Advanced

Video & image Editing - Proficient

Wordpress - Proficient

Training of Trainers- Certification

TESOL- Certification



Aviation English

Having served as an air trafic contoller in US Air Force and taught Aviation English to Air Force pilots arround the world, I am highly skilled in aviation terms and phraseology. I have certificates in Aviation English from Raytheon and Dyned

ESL Teacher Trainer

I have worked as a teacher trainer and mentor in South Korea and Afghanistan respectively. The CSU - Long Beach TESOL Certificate Program in Korea enabled participants to gain an understanding of the theoretical background in TESOL and its practical application. I Mentored Afghan Civilian Instructors (CI's) which included lesson planning, current methodology and creating an interactive classroom. 

Blended Learning

Incorporating Technology with in person or online conversation and coaching has become my passion. To learn a skill we need practice and repetition. The AI Interactive software called NEO + or Dyned Pro are the building blocks of a language program that gets learners using language early and often. Combined with coaching and conversation regularly, learners advance in oral language skill much faster than traditional learning.