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Fourth of July Pin

Let's talk about the national holidays in your country! How many are there? How do you celebrate?

Monday, July 4th

Watercolor Paint

Let's talk about Art! Are you an artist? what kinds of art are there? Do you know any famous artists?

Thursday, July7th

Rescuing a Patient

Let's talk about accidents at home! What is the most dangerous thing in your home? what causes accidents?

Tuesday, July 5th

Baseball Game

Let's talk about baseball! Do you know this sport? Have you seen it? what is the most popular sport in your country?

Friday, July 8th

Elderly Woman at Gym

Let's talk about age. How old are you? what are young people like in your country? Old people?

Wednesday, July 6th

Birthday Celebration

Let's talk about birthdays! Is it anybody's birthday this month? How do you celebrate birthdays in your country? 

Saturday, July 9th

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